Sefcik Construction LLC

Sefcik Construction LLC is a premier construction company serving the Concho Valley.

Sefcik Construction, LLC is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the Concho Valley since 1983. Our mission is to give exceptional service, in a timely manner, at a competitive price.

Check out their website at

Twin Mountain Boer Goats

Twin Mountain Boer Goats is a premier black boer goat operation located in San Angelo, TX.

We no longer own any traditional goats and now have a herd that is loaded with good quality colored genetics, both black and red. We have performed several flushes and have brought fresh genetics into our herd from as far west as California and as far east as New York, as well as from some exceptional goats here in Texas. All in an attempt to accelerate our program and we are beginning to see the fruits of our labor.

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Sefcik Capital

Sefcik Capital Management is a premier commercial real estate investing company located in Lubbock, TX.

Sefcik Capital takes pride in being able to analyze the numbers and find the true value of a property you are looking to purchase. This knowledge and experience also allows Sefcik Capital to maximize your marketable equity when looking to dispose of a property.

Sefcik Capital respects and values relationships with individuals. Drawing on the experience of meeting people’s changing needs, Sefcik Capital focuses on the human side of doing business. Communication, attention to detail, and follow-through are the basis of our philosophy.

We have the expertise and commitment to provide the best possible real estate investment services - building value that our clients can trust by providing practical, win-win solutions.

They have many of their properties listed online at

USDA LMR audit results

All of the packing houses that use WAC Tech technologies to report LMR data to the USDA underwent the first audits since the new system went live on 7/21/08.  The audit consisted of reviewing Cow/ Bull Daily Purchase report (LS132), Daily Boxed Beef report (LS-126), and Cow/Bull Plant Delivered Bids (dressed Basis) (LS-131) data.  When asked how the audit went, our most recent customer replied ‘It was the fastest/easiest audit we have ever been though.  The reports WAC Tech provided saved our staff, along with the USDA auditor, a lot of time’.  If your company is worried about the next audit, contact WAC Tech today for a free consultation about how we can make your LMR process quicker and more efficient.

Howard County Humane Society

Howard County (Big Spring, TX) Humane Society is now on the web. 

The Howard County Humane Society is a private, non-profit, tax exempt organization dedicated to homing orphaned and abandoned animals in Big Spring, Howard County and the surrounding area. The Human Society depends solely on your kindness and generosity. We are not funded by the city of Big Spring, or by the government. We are funded by the Dora Roberts Foundation and people like you who believe in our mission and support us with donations. We also are an agency of the United Way. The Howard County Humane Society is a No Kill Shelter. We believe all animals should be treated with respect and kindness.

Check out all the animals they have for adoption and pet related information at or

Angelo Events & Tents

Angelo Events & Tents is San Angelo’s premier event company offering party and wedding rentals, tent rentals, and event planning services for San Angelo, TX and its surrounding communities.  They have numerous picture galleries on their site so you can see their professional work.   All of their pricing and policies are available on their site via PDF downloads.  Get ready for your next party or gathering by contacting John and Laura Wall at Angelo Events & Tents or look through their new site at

Mohair Council of America

Mohair Council of America has a presence online now.  Take a look at what they have to offer at their new website,  This is the first website we did with Relative Marketing.  They did an great job with the layout and color scheme.  They are working on their website right now, but be sure and check them out at

Lone Star Beef Processors

Lone Star Beef in San Angelo, TX contracted WAC Tech to provide a custom solution for the upcoming USDA LMPR changes on July 21, 2008.  Lone Star needs an application that will allow them to continue doing business with their existing infrastructure.  WAC Tech designed a program that will allow them to export data out of their legacy system into the new system.  They can generate their LS131 and LS132 reports in less than 10 minutes with no dual data entry compared to their old way of 5 hours.  If your company is taking longer than 10 minutes to generate any of the USDA LMPR reports, contact WAC Tech today to get a free quote on a completely custom solution.

MTM Livestock

MTM Livestock is an operation in Jacksboro, TX that specializes in registered boer goats, registered cattle, and horses.

Welcome to MTM Livestock, we are located halfway between Ft. Worth, Texas and Wichita Falls, Texas. Our breeding philosophy and ultimate goal is to breed quality animals that are appealing to everyone.

Take a look at their new website at It has new features such as a thickbox detail page for the Web 2.0 look.

1998 Bobcat Reunion

It is summer again and is time for high school reunions.  This year marks the 10 year reunion for 1998 graduates.  There is a new website that just went live with information on this special event:  It provides all the details and also allows participants to register and pay online.  The site was designed by Relative Marketing and is hosted by WAC Tech.

USDA LMRP Industry Meeting

WAC Tech employees attended the 2008 USDA LMPR Industry Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri.  They listened to different presentations given by USDA employees regarding the changes to the LMPR reporting.  The USDA broke cows and bulls out of the LS113 report and created a new LS132 (Live Cow/Bull Daily Purchase) report.  The existing LS114 report is now only for steers and heifers, while cow and bull plants have to submit a new LS131 (Cow/Bull Delivered Bids) report.  We are ready to implement and update customer’s systems according to the new USDA criteria which goes live on July 21, 2008.

Little’s Boer Goats

A new goat website went live today. Little’s Boer Goats in San Angelo, Texas now has a presence on the web. 

We are the proud owners of full South African traditionals, paints, and red boer goats. We have been in the business for 15 years. 

There have been many new features added to the animal application. The user now has the ability to crop pictures before they are uploaded to the website. They also have the option of uploading the pedigree that is associated with the animal. The admin interface allows the user to select the dam and sire of the selected animal. This allows the prospective buyer to see all information associated with that particular animal.

Cabra Haven

The goat business in West Texas is booming. Cabra Haven is another website that just went live.

We raise registered fullblood boer goats, percentage boer goats, and percentage wether goats for 4H and FFA shows. We are registed members of the ABGA.

WAC Tech added some more features to the application to allow customers to upload an animal’s pedigree. We build all of our applications from scratch, which allows us to meet the customer’s changing needs.If your company/organization needs a custom application, don’t hesitate to contact us.


WAC Tech’s MPR (Mandatory Price Reporting) application for packing houses, which produces reports to send to the USDA, is proving how much it can handle. San Angelo Pack Co, Inc reached 300,000 head in the database today. The application is still providing accurate LS113, LS114, and LS126 reports while allowing users to enter ~350 head per hour.

KK RV Sales

Another website went live today. K and K RV Sales out of Forth Worth, Texas have put their inventory on the web. They have everything from cars and trucks to travel trailers and diesel motorhomes. If you are in the market for a daily driver or a weekend popup camper, look at their inventory at

Wilson Livestock

This is another livestock site that incorporates an admin site to allow the users full administration of their website. is styling a smooth DHTML menu to allow users access to the many different types of livestock/services Wilson Livestock offers.Wilson livestock is a fully functioning ranch in southwest Sterling Çounting and comprises approximately 18,000 acres. They have cattle, registered dorper sheep, registered boer goats, and different hunting opportunities.

Broker Free Freight

August 15th, 2005 Broker Free Freight, LLC will go-live with their web-based shipping/hauling application. A small quote from their site:

Broker-Free Freight is a venue where shippers and carriers can communicate directly with one another, eliminating the middle-man and putting money back into the hands of carriers and shippers. Broker-Free Freight can provide a direct channel of communication between carriers and shippers. The best part? We can do it for much less than what brokers are charging.

Check them out at Broker Free Freight .com

A self-maintained application went live today allowing Touchstone boer goats to maintain their site without any WAC Tech administrator intervention. Easy to use, the site allows the users to post pictures of inventory within minutes of taking the pictures.If you are in the market for registered full-blood or percentage boer goats, check out their inventory at touchstone boer goats .com!!

New Website!

The new WAC Tech website has been launched! Utilizing the open-source software web application WordPress software, the WAC Tech website now has a dynamic front page containing updated news articles by WAC Tech employees. If you have any questions about WAC Tech, please browse the links to the left, or use the contact page to send us an email.

Add another website to the list. Hotter-N-Hell Leather is a San Angelo based leather company that specializes in suspenders for firefighters :

“We build high quality leather suspenders for firemen who would like an alternative to the nylon-elastic that is commonly used by most departments. Every pair is specially made with much attention to detail.”

Check out their website for personalized leather products.

SAP Conversion

The San Angelo Packing Co, Inc application went LIVE today after withstanding a three month parallel test with the legacy system. It is a full featured packing house application that handles everything from USDA Mandatory Price Reporting (MPR) reports

LS113 - Live Cattle Daily report (Current Established Prices)LS114 - Live Cattle Daily report (Committed and Delivered)LS126 - Boxed Beef Daily report(all at the click of a button)

to custom customer invoices. Contact WAC Tech if you need a custom application built for your business!!

Angelo RV

Angelo RV has a large inventory of travel, tent, and utility trailers. They also carry a few motor homes. Contact them through their website at if you are in the market for a quality trailer.