Tired of websites so cluttered that you can’t find the content? What about colors that burn the eyes instead of pleasing them?

WAC Tech believes that the cleaner, the better.

We prefer things to be in order. We want things to make sense. We want your customers to be able to look at your site without ruining their eyesight.


Afraid that you have to know HTML in order to update a website? Are your technical skills limited to pointing and clicking?

Not to worry. We do our best to make our websites easy to update, without you having to pull out your hair trying to figure out how to make things appear just so.

We know how intimidating computers can be. We know how those other hosting companies like to throw around big words and fancy acronyms. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable with updating your own website, without having to contact us. Its your website. Why should you have to wait for someone else to update it for you?


Are you still using pen and paper as part of your business processes? Does your business still rely on the Postal Service and the telephone company to get in touch with your customers?

Let us take a look at how you do things. You would be amazed at how much time can be saved by simply moving a business process into a web-based application. If human errors are your problem, then we can look at taking the errors out of the equation. Why bother hiring more people to do the same task, when it may be possible to streamline the whole process?

If its e-mail that you need, then we’ve got it. Spam filters. Virus scanning. Accessible from anywhere. Can snail mail compete? WAC Tech will help you get in contact with your customers now, not in a couple of days.